_M7A3424We are all standing on the shoulders of giants. – Sir Isaac Newton

Solid education is a privilege while to me the most important teacher has always been life itself. I am grateful for the chances it offered me and the companions and mentors lining my path. 

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Market System Development – The Springfield Centre, UK | A systemic approach to export promotion by facilitating partner organisations in exporting countries.


Leading People – a different leadership seminar –  MCV Management Center Vorarlberg, Austria


The principles of successful leadership – BWI,Management Weiterbildung, Zurich


CBT Cash-Based Transfer Programming SDC, Swiss Development and Cooperation, Berne | How putting cash in people’s hands contributes to improve food security. 


Gender Equality and Peacebuilding – Swisspeace University of Basel | The critically thinking about gender and its relevance to the development of lasting and sustainable peace.


International Humanitarian Law & Protection of Civilians in armed conflicts SDC in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC  | The principles of Swiss humanitarian work and how to put it into practice. 


M4P Making Markets Work for the PoorThe Springfield Centre , UK | Market systems and people in poverty

2000 – 2006

Master of Science Department of Geography University of Zurich, Switzerland 

Masters’ Thesis: Taking Care of Water – Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Schemes |  An integrated case study in Northern and Eastern Ethiopia on Water Management Systems under the perspective of social, economic and technical aspects

Main subjects: ▪ Human, Social and Economic Geography ▪ Sustainable Tourism ▪ Soil Sciences ▪ Remote Sensing Systems

Subsidiary subjects: ▪ Environmental Sciences ▪ Corporate Social Responsibility ▪ Phytogeography ▪ Mathematics ▪ Geology

1996 –  1999

Higher School for Adult Education – Aargauische Maturitätsschule für Erwachsene AME, Aarau

1993 – 1995

Vocational Education (Tourism Sector) – Wirtschaftsschule KV, Baden with Certificate of Qualification

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