«It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.» – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Most of my memorable  happenings are attached to encounters with humans and cultures, wildlife and experiences of nature. So, while many of my personal highlights happened rather silently, some of my work gained public visibility and is summarized here. 

sippo import forum | INTERVIEW BY MARC LEHMANN SRF | MAY 2021 |

PROCURE 2_Trotz Corona – erfolgreicher Export dank smartem Import – procure.chTROTZ CORONA – ERFOLGREICHER EXPORT DANK SMARTEM IMPORT SIPPO PUblication «Procure» E-Journal | OCTOBER 2020 | 

What bothers Swiss importers when sourcing products and materials in developing countries? This article reports on the survey conducted in collaboration with Handel Schweiz. It revealed astonishing results. Transparent supply chains and sustainability are ranked higher than the pricing whereas a share of 34% of the companies that participated in the survey are ready to invest in sustainability certificates. Read the full survey here.

Foto Prot3OPERATIONAL CONCEPT ON PROTECTION FOR MYANMAR 2015 – 2017 | Embassy of Switzerland in Myanmar | March 2015 |

During my deployment for the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit in Myanmar I was entrusted to fully conceptualize and elaborate this document in cooperation with all divisions of the integrated Embassy of Switzerland. A practically oriented concept about “what does protection mean in Myanmar and how Switzerland can enhance its protection activities”. Download the PDF document here.

Foto Puntolat3MARKET INTELLIGENCE COLOMBIA | INTERVIEW by Puntolatino | february 2012 |

As the Project Manager “EFTACO – Market Intelligence Colombia” I am talking about the goals and outcomes of the EFTACO project aiming at building trade capacity between EFTA and Colombia. As a mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO the project was implemented within the scope of the Swiss Import Promotion Programme SIPPO. The market studies were published in Spanish by Procolombia and are available online.

Taking Care of WaterFoto Taking Care of Water2 | Caritas Switzerland | March 2006 | 

Sustainable water management in rural areas of Ethiopia. An executive summary of my master’s thesis providing an external project evaluation conducted in 2005/06 for Caritas Switzerland. It provides an integrated case study on social, economic and technical aspects of fresh water supply management in Northern and Eastern Ethiopia

Foto RegenfrauAargauer Zeitung 07 January 2004 Portrait of Fabienne-Alexia Müller
 (Aargauer Zeitung, 2004):  

Interview about my assessment on soil and water conservation activities in Northern Ethiopia conducted for Caritas Switzerland.

Foto ADDA2Soil and Water Conservation in Northern Ethiopia
(Caritas Switzerland, 2003):

Project evaluation on soil and water conservation in rural areas of Northern Ethiopia. A summary of the evaluation report conducted for Caritas Switzerland tutored by the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies of the University of Zurich.

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